FEATURES Bandcamp Fridays in 2024 By Bandcamp Staff · March 31, 2024

We are happy to announce that Bandcamp Fridays will continue in 2024.

Bandcamp Fridays began in March of 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic when the shuttering of venues led to a loss of vital tour revenue for artists. Bandcamp Fridays—on which we waive our revenue share and pass the funds directly to artists & labels—has resulted in millions of fans paying over $120 million directly to labels and musicians they love.

In addition to helping artists pay the rent, or fund album recordings and tours, Bandcamp Fridays have also became a beacon for artists and record labels looking to raise awareness for causes or raise money for charities. Noise For Now raised money for voter’s rights and abortion access. “​​Bandcamp provided us with the ideal platform to maximize our fundraising impact,” says Amellia Bauer, Noise For Now’s Executive Director. “Released for 24 hours only on a Bandcamp Friday in 2022, the benefit compilation Good Music To Ensure Safe Abortion Access For All was able to raise $231,000—all without platform fees. We are grateful to Bandcamp for being the most artist-friendly platform around,”

And so we’re happy to announce five more Bandcamp Fridays in 2024. The next Bandcamp Friday is April 5, 2024, followed by our 40th Bandcamp Friday on May 3. After that, Bandcamp Fridays will continue on September 6, October 4, and December 6.

To help you get the most out of Bandcamp Friday, we’ve put together this list of tips:

* Post your music in the days before Bandcamp Friday, so that you don’t get lost in the shuffle. Your music will already be featured in our search and discovery tools, and the viral nature of our fan community will be in effect.

* On Bandcamp Fridays, fans are on the lookout for special items like limited colorway vinyl, signed merch, warehouse finds, and one-off releases including demo tracks and between-album singles.

* Try using the “Name Your Price” feature on Bandcamp Fridays, when fans are feeling even more generous than usual. You might also consider doing a flash sale, or discounting your catalog for the day to attract new fans for your next new release.

* Ask your fans on social media to follow you on Bandcamp, so that when you announce special releases, they’re automatically updated and will be first to know.


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