The Narcotix, “Mommy Issues”
By Natelegé Whaley · June 14, 2021

Emerging Brooklyn-based Afro-psychedelic and folk duo The Narcotix has landed with debut release Mommy Issues, a spellbinding creation paying homage to “Brothers Grimm folklore through an Afromasochistic lens.” Each track is titled after the biblically inspired names of the musicians enlisted for the project and each selection is a rumination seemingly inspired by their perspectives. The analog recording quality creates a smooth, warm soundscape for vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Esther Quansah and Becky Foinchas to command space with trippy acoustics and emotional fervor.

Throughout, Quansah and Foinchas express yearning with earthly metaphors. On “Lilith,” they sing of embracing uncertainty while navigating via an internal compass: “Seek into mind’s eye, and you will find/ Speak your mind, and you’ll find your way.” For the ringing, trance-like “Rebecca,” the act finds power in chanting the sacred mantra “Om.” Grief over a maternal figure clouds “John/Joseph”: “I was resting and now the sunset threatens to come/ Begging, begging if you hear me/ Saying, ‘Mama, oh, mama, but where did you go to?'” Though concise in length, Mommy Issues layers meaning, symbolism, and meticulous sonic exploration.

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