Teamonade, “This Far”
By Nina Corcoran · August 02, 2021

This Far, the debut album from Ohio-based trio Teamonade, introduces a group that can effortlessly merge indie-pop charm with alt-rock hooks. “Goin Thru It” starts with acoustic balladry before segueing into an unexpected blast of grunge. The coy bassline in “Young” features lyrics about youthful insecurities (“Tell me why I should try my best/ What is my best?/ Is it enough?”) And then there’s the fan favorite “Sadder Than U,” a tongue-in-cheek anthem about competitive depression that goes full pop-punk. Although the material—a collection of the band’s previous singles and EPs alongside four new tracks—spans three years and different producers, there’s a cohesiveness to This Far, a feat attributable to Teamonade’s vibrant personality and restless energy.

Most impressively, Teamonade regularly maximize the use of vocals as an instrument. They play with the delivery of words to add texture in a manner not unlike Animal Collective: stacking soprano and tenor parts at every available opportunity, employing melismas like delicate sighs, and even crisping up the vowels with a country twang. That singer-guitarist Osi Okoro is solely responsible for This Far’s myriad tones, which range from the punchy harmonies and contrasting falsettos on “Do & Die” to the shoegaze-esque coos on “Invisible,” is a testament to her strengths as a vocalist. Teamonade may be a fresh-faced trio, but their work on This Far positions them as a band with wide-open paths ahead.

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