Album of the Day: Lindstrøm, “Windings”
By Nate Patrin · July 05, 2016

Hans-Peter Lindstrøm may not be the product of a bygone moment, but the scarcity of his output in the last few years—aside from the stray single and remix—kind of made him seem like one. Talking about what makes him great means omitting his last two albums, 2012’s overstuffed prog-freakout Six Cups of Rebel and the electro-disco-pop Smalhans, and going back to his late ’00s peak, when his sophisticated-yet-joyful style of sumptuous house was in demand.

Lindstrøm’s Windings EP isn’t exactly a throwback to the late ’00s of Where You Go I Go Too, with its stratospheric Vangelis/Göttsching sprawl, but it still has enough moments of anthemic cosmic-disco to indicate he’s regained his footing. “Closing Shot” is the standout, a dose of handclaps-and-hi-hats dancefloor classicism that plays up his sound’s easy integration with classic ’80s boogie funk and Detroit techno chord progressions. It’s one of his best concentrated doses of quality house since 2005’s “I Feel Space.” “Algorytme” is a slightly sharper-edged cut that lets the melody sneak its way between minimal flourishes and intricate builds; the underlying groove pairs synth-bass and conga in ways that’ll send listeners fiddling with their EQ to maximize the low end. The all-enveloping synthpop glide of “Foehn” is pure frictionless forward motion that makes triple-digit BPMs feel like floating without gravity.  It’s encouraging enough that Windings feels like Lindstrøm never left. But even better: it sounds like he’s still got more places to take us.

Nate Patrin


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