Estrella del Sol, “Figura de Cristal”
By Maria Barrios · June 28, 2023 Merch for this release:
Vinyl LP

Estrella del Sol is the solo project of Estrella Sánchez. A vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Sánchez was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, where she led the shoegaze-inspired trio Mint Field. After two full-length records with Mint Field, Sánchez released her first solo album, Un Espacio De Lo Imaginario, in 2020. Recorded in her bedroom while living in Mexico City, Un Espacio De Lo Imaginario was created by her using her voice and electronic textures as her primary instrument. On her latest record, Figura de Cristal, Sánchezcontinues this hybrid medium approach with songs that explore her inner world with lush synths and angelic vocals.

“Ver A Través de tus Ojos,” a collaboration with cellist Mabe Fratti, is a strong opener. Fratti’s strings perfectly complement del Sánchez’s heartfelt vocals. Glittering sound effects descend as the song fades, seamlessly transitioning into “Tangible.” With its danceable beat and noisy backdrop that evokes a glitchy radio, “Tangible” allows Sanchez’s voice to cover a wider expressive range. In tracks like “Tangible” and “Figura de Cristal”, Sanchez’s talent comes through—as if she is reaching into her heart to bring forth something genuine and mysterious.

Figura de Cristal is full of ambient and new-age music elements. Field recordings of water, street sounds, chime-like synths, and drones reverberate throughout the record, making each track a pleasant and calming experience. Billed as a “collection of songs that remind us of the importance of taking our time,” Figura de Cristal upholds that mission. With its soft tones, minimal lyrics, and delicate instrumental arrangements, it invites a quiet, dream-like state and allows for contemplation. Glimmers of Sanchez’s depth shine through, and Figura de Cristal touches on her interiority more in gentle ripples rather than waves.

On Figura de Cristal, Sánchez delivers a second record worthy of any listener’s attention with a focused aesthetic and a contemplative and spacious ode to patience. In a fast-paced and fleeting era, that is more than enough.


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