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In a City of High-Rises, Hong Kong’s Absurd TRAX Builds from Ground Zero

“There is a need for a physical community that exists locally, versus just purely being a virtual entity, and Absurd TRAX is [here] to facilitate that,” explains the electronic label’s co-founder, Gavin Wong.

A Brief Introduction to Traditional Mainland Southeast Asian Music on Bandcamp

Here are a few labels that are invested in archiving, documenting, distributing, and recontextualizing these sounds.

Hong Kong Tastemaker Riz Farooqi Wants You to Hear More Asian Hardcore Music

Through his platform, “Unite Asia,” Farooqi has introduced bands from around Asia to a wider, international audience.

These Experimental Labels Seek New Musical Forms in Beijing and Shanghai

The music reflect a scene that has settled on a minimal, sometimes barely-there sound, indebted to micro-feedback noise.

These Artists and Labels are Creating a Space for Underground Music in Taipei

Big sounds abound from this small island nation.

Yang Haisong Is Producing a New Generation of Underground Chinese Rock

The highly sought-after P.K.14 frontman on fostering the emerging acts of the Beijing indie scene.

Beijing’s Do Hits Label is Forging China’s New Club Sound

The classical strains of the two-stringed erhu set to a downtempo bass beat; chopped and screwed samples from CCTV’s New Year’s Gala, the most viewed television program on Earth; cut, copied and remixed versions of Chinese Spring Festival’s traditional tunes and pop bangers—these  are the sounds that greet the listener on Year of the Rooster, the […]

Producer Kartik Pillai On How The Caste System Affects Indian Music

Delhi’s rock scene is on the rise, says Kartik Pillai, one of its key movers. From a few scattered festivals and a smattering of metal acts playing college campuses, Pillai has seen the Indian capital’s indie rock scene grow enormously over the last decade. “When I started doing shows in 2005, 2006, there were maybe […]