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The Best Albums of 2018: #40 – 21

Our guide to the year’s best LPs.

C.H.E.W. Prove It’s Possible to Produce a Perfect Hardcore Punk LP

The amalgamation of concentration and defiance is the key driver for “Feeding Frenzy,” the final piece to a top-tier entry for the Chicago band into the ever-evolving canon of hardcore punk.

Pandemix’s Poetic Punk Politics

Vocalist Shannon Thompson explains how she uses the genre’s tropes as a jumping-off point for her struggle to understand the world.

Five New Chicago Punk Bands to Know and Love

Lowhangers, Espejos, C.H.E.W., Bruges and Droid’s Blood all help to prove that Chicago’s oft-overlooked punk scene is still something to be reckoned with.

Five Flawless Punk Sets Live on the Radio

Bandcamp is an amazing repository for radio sets that capture the power of a live performance with the cleanliness of a well-engineered recording. Check out some of the best from the punk arena.

Not Normal Tapes Illuminates, and Complicates, Hardcore

Begun as so many DIY labels are to chronicle a specific local scene, Not Normal now reaches all around the world for its challenging hardcore releases.