It’s Splurge on Merge Monday

Merge Records

We’re thrilled to announce that the mighty Merge Records has joined Bandcamp today, bringing with them a catalog that’s essentially a pocket history of indie rock. From classics by groups like Superchunk, The Spinanes and The Rock*a*Teens to future classics by Benji Hughes, Mount Moriah and Telekinesis, Merge truly is a treasure trove of punk rock, madcap pop, and experimental gems. Diving into a catalog with such a rich history can be daunting — which is why we asked the helpful worker bees at this North Carolina-based label to pick their personal favorites:

“Everyone seems to have a different Destroyer gateway album, but this one was mine thanks to an old roommate who sat me down and intensely talked me through the nine-and-a-half-minute title track. Plus, side C of the 2xLP is devoted to “Loscil’s Rubies,” a 23-minute suite not found on the digital release!”—Mike


“Cannibal Sea is one of my favorite go-to albums for a road trip. If you listen to it and close your eyes, you can practically feel the cool breeze from the car window and the warm sunshine on your face as you drive past trees in bloom and stop for a hotdog.”—Charlotte


“It’s rough, it’s tough, it’s tender, it’s fun. It’s punk rock of the poppy and very enjoyable variety. It’s full of earworms that will have you singing while you walk down the street.”—Laura


“One of the last great albums of the 1990s, The Albemarle Sound is The Ladybug Transistor at their best—highlighted by standout songs likes “Today Knows” and “The Swimmer.””—Wilson


“An essential slab of North Carolina punk rock. Bruising and relentless with the fuzz-addled, overdriven hooks to make any Damned, Dolls or Dead Boys fan happy. 10 out of 10 empty beer cans!”—Dave


“An album inspired by the fear and confusion after 9/11 that somehow never ceases to bring me hope in humanity and an overwhelming desire to drink gin outside.”—Christina


“Shark Quest’s debut album has the distinction of being the first Merge Records release I ever owned. To this day it’s one of my favorite albums, and they are hands down my favorite instrumental band.”—Kevin


“My first William Tyler show was at The Pinhook in May of 2012, and it totally blew me away. The very next day, to my surprise and delight, he came by the office to discuss a new album he’d been working on: Impossible Truth.”—Nick


“Aside from John Schmersal (Enon, live-band Caribou) being nicer than the Pope, this record is catchy and all over the place in the best possible way. All the melodies have a snake-like quality with totally unique phrasing that seems to never really come to a final cadence (while still managing to be hummable!). The standout tracks to me are the down-tempo ones—“Rainbows,” “U Dug Us All,” and the bare, jazzy “Pretend U Are Free,” whose harmonies are easily the record’s highlight to me.”—Taylor


“In the meandering tale of Merge, Matt Suggs is our perpetual guide.”—Lindsey


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