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A Brief Guide to Metal In China

Be Persecuted

Be Persecuted photo by Deng Zhang

Though outside music was mostly banned from the People’s Republic of China until the 1980s, metal gained an early foothold among rock musicians and fans in the country. Genre forerunners like the glam-leaning Black Panther, formed in 1987, and epically named Tang Dynasty were packing stadiums and moving units in the early years of the genre’s appearance in the country. Continue reading

Folk Metal: The Knots and Thorns of Roots Music



“Folk metal” sounds like some sort of hideously incongruous juxtaposition, like “petroleum cupcake.” Folk music is rippling water, swaying bows, and long naps amidst the dandelions; metal is twisted cancerous demons belching fire and destroying all that is good. Happy pure-hearted folk and miserable metal from the foul pit: never the twain shall meet.

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