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Video Premiere: Yohuna’s “Golden Foil”

Some records seem borne of—and eternally exist in—a state of splendid isolation. Fragility is their strength, and sonic restraint wields as much authority as an orchestra. A spiritual descendant of Cat Power’s Moon Pix and Elliott Smith’s early recordings, the debut full-length from Yohuna—the musical alias of Wisconsin native Johanne Swanson—is the end product of prolonged, often unplanned period of solitude. Although she’s still young, the singer-songwriter’s adulthood has been unusually nomadic, having taken her from her hometown of Eau Claire to New Mexico, Los Angeles, Boston, Berlin and, most recently, Brooklyn, where she became an artist-in-residence at the live-and-work space Silent Barn. It was there that she finished writing the songs that make up Patientness. Preview the video for the track “Golden Foil” here, and read our interview with Swanson, who spoke to us from her second Brooklyn home in the last year.

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