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The Intimate Experimentalism of Wizard Apprentice

Wizard Apprentice

Photos by Myron Fung

Wizard Apprentice, aka Tieraney Carter, is a structural minimalist, but a micro-genre maximalist. From the witchy, organ-drenched dirges on 2013’s Rash of Feathers, to the wiry bedroom electro-pop of her 2015 album Keep It In, Keep It Out, her stylistic reach is wide. And despite both subtle and monumental stylistic changes along the way, her music has maintained consistent thematic elements—specifically, transforming trauma into dust, and imagining a world where personal turmoil is parted to make room for real joy.

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Seven Steps to Perfection: A Guide Towards the Afrofuture in Music


Illustration by Max Löffler

In the ’90s, R&B and hip-hop music videos by groups like Blaque, OutKast, and Missy Elliott burst out of the hive with the vibrancy of ritual, referencing everything from atmospheric independent African diaspora films, like Daughters of the Dust to Star Trek. These videos were high fantasy—but with the ubiquitous ‘90s video sheen of exaggerated colorwash and fisheye-lens effects.

Also during the ’90s, the term Afrofuturism was coined to discuss the rising interest in surreal, fantastical, and futuristic Black literature (from the likes of Samuel Delany, Octavia E. Butler, and Charles Saunders), and its connection to other forms of Black art (music and visual art in particular) that married science fiction tropes and ideas with Black radical politics, spirituality, and lived experiences. The idea then was to project idealized forms of Blackness into the future without eschewing any of the aesthetic markings that made Black existence in a post-colonial world unique. Artists imagined urban habitation adorned with updated ritual practice, the ghetto as space station geared out in chrome, and general narratives about space travel to coincide with the ecstasy of the music: the layered, heavy beats and hazy, jazz-inspired productions that were the norm of the time. This gave way to the explorations of Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar, and Janelle Monae.

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Hi Bias: Notable Cassette Releases on Bandcamp, September 2018

Hi Bias

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