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The Best Metal Albums of 2018

best-metal-2018It’s a bit trite to say that 2018 was a good year for metal; every year is a good year for metal, if you’re willing to put in the legwork. Yet the range of this year’s crop of great albums is particularly impressive. Metalheads were fortunate enough to get multiple new entrants to the canons of funeral doom, atmospheric black metal, old-school death metal, Euro-style power metal, and more. Each one of the albums below (listed alphabetically) is worth spending the rest of your life getting to know.

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The Best Metal on Bandcamp: February 2018

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Second albums are often make-or-break propositions. Artists either follow up the promise of a strong debut with an album that fulfills their potential, or they prove that they burned through all their good ideas the first time out. A batch of bands in this month’s best metal on Bandcamp column fall in the former camp; sophomore efforts by Visigoth, Ataraxy, Chevalier, and Chaos Echoes all improve on their respective makers’ opening salvos, paving the way for what we can only hope will be long and fruitful careers.

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Visigoth Hoist the Chalice of Traditional Heavy Metal


These days, heavy metal comes in all shapes, sizes, and subgenres. As trends have come and gone, as the form has splintered and hybridized—becoming faster, angrier and less comprehensible—the old customs have been kept alive by a cadre of true believers: The classic distorted guitar riff, the soaring melodic vocal, the fantasy-based lyrics, the occasional galloping bass line. Alternately known as traditional heavy metal, epic heavy metal, or even power metal, its origins can be traced back to storied swashbucklers like Rainbow, Iron Maiden, and Dio. Some groups—like famed New York loincloth enthusiasts Manowar—have taken this style to ridiculous and/or awesome new heights by strictly writing songs about swords, battles, and the glory of heavy metal itself. And they are not alone. Since the late 1970s, this concept has fueled a veritable legion of heavy metal warriors from around the globe—bands with names like Thor, Omen, Manilla Road, Grand Magus, and Heavy Load…the list goes on. They are the keepers of the flame, the guardians of the grand tradition.

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