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Inês Coutinho’s Naive and Naivety Labels Help Open Up Dance Music


When Inês Coutinho was growing up in Lisbon, Portugal, she loved dance music. The problem was that she couldn’t see herself in it: not in the label rosters full of serious-looking white dudes, nor the record bins overflowing with pounding minimal techno meant to bang against warehouse walls. “No one like me was making music,” she remembers thinking. Or, if they were, they’d been rendered invisible, leaving her feeling like an outsider. “I thought I would never be cool or credible enough.”

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The Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp: September 2018


August was a strong month for house, techno, grime, braindance, sludge, and charming clockwork automata. In this month’s Best New Electronic column, you’ll hear Lisbon helping out Berlin and two very different sides of Detroit; you’ll spend a relaxing evening in rural France, and another on the eerie side of London’s East End. And through all of them are familiar strains of acid, funk, industrial weirdness, and rave bonhomie.

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