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Canada’s URBNET Records Is Devoted to Underground Music


URBNET began life as an online publication, running interviews and artist profiles that co-founder Janusz Jarosinski says, “put a spotlight on Canadian talent against the best of the rest.” Created in 1999 as the demand for niche online music coverage grew, URBNET provided an opportunity for advertising student Jarosinski and former major label consultant Darryl Rodway to call attention to Canada’s largely ignored hip-hop scene. While providing a digital platform to undiscovered talent was a big step for URBNET, Rodway and Jarosinski were soon itching to fulfill artists’ needs in a more tangible way. “It turned out that many of those artists needed an avenue for their music to get into the physical realm,” Jarosinski says. While distribution remained a major hurdle for independent artists—especially before the streaming era—URBNET’s founders shifted the company’s focus to providing label services to Canadian hip-hop artists, abandoning the publication altogether.

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