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For Practically Everyone: The Music of FPE Records


In a medium-sized suburb on the outskirts of Chicago is a record label dedicated to doing things differently. FPE Records is the brainchild of Matt Pakulski, and although Oak Park, Illinois is the label’s home, Pakulski says the label is really in debt to the creative curiosities and experimentations across Chicago’s unique music scene.

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Album of the Day: Turning Jewels Into Water, “Map of Absences”

On Map of Absences, Turning Jewels Into Water perfectly marries the cultural background of its two members—percussionist Val Jeanty is of Haitian descent, while drummer/producer Ravish Momin is Indian—to the aqueous sound of electronic music. The result is a sound that feels deeply rooted in tradition, but adapted for a generation of people who care as much about their roots as they do innovation.

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