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The Best Metal Albums of 2018

best-metal-2018It’s a bit trite to say that 2018 was a good year for metal; every year is a good year for metal, if you’re willing to put in the legwork. Yet the range of this year’s crop of great albums is particularly impressive. Metalheads were fortunate enough to get multiple new entrants to the canons of funeral doom, atmospheric black metal, old-school death metal, Euro-style power metal, and more. Each one of the albums below (listed alphabetically) is worth spending the rest of your life getting to know.

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The Best Albums of Spring 2018

Best Of SpringThe last three months have given us an abundance of great records—arguably more than one roundup can possibly include. The 25 albums on this list contain a whole universe of sounds, from pummeling death metal to spaced-out dreampop, from forward-thinking cumbia to desert-blues-meets-dance-music. These are the Best Albums of Spring 2018.

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The Best Metal on Bandcamp: June 2018


While the grim and frostbitten hordes have a solid case for winter being the most metal season, I’m not sure there’s a better time to listen to heavy music than June. So much of the best metal of all time, from Priest to Maiden to Metallica, sounds like being drunk on a patio with burger in hand. This June’s slate of new releases has a few great entries to that pantheon, including galloping NWOBHM from Robespierre, southern-fried stoner rock from ASG, and scorching death metal from Tomb Mold, plus a reissue of one of the best albums of the mid ’00s post-metal boom, Mouth of the Architect’s The Ties That Blind.

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The New Face of Death Metal

Death MetalBecause heavy metal was splintering and branching into different substrata throughout the 1980s, death metal doesn’t have a widely agreed-upon birthdate. (Certainly nothing like Friday the 13th of February, 1970.) Some people point to 1985, when Possessed’s debut Seven Churches closed with a track called “Death Metal”; others look to 1987, when Florida’s Death finally managed to turn a seemingly endless parade of demos into their full-length debut, Scream Bloody Gore. Whatever the starting point, it’s generally agreed that death metal has now been around for at least 30 years.

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This Week’s Essential Releases: Experimental R&B, Post-Punk, Metal, & More

7 essential

Welcome to Seven Essential Releases, our weekly roundup of the best music on Bandcamp. Each week, we’ll recommend six new albums that were released between last Friday and this Friday, plus pick an older LP from the stacks that you may have missed.

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Summer Isle is an Anchor for Toronto’s Noise Scene

Summer Isle

When Max Klebanoff and Rita Mikhael launched Summer Isle in 2014, they wanted to fill a void in Toronto’s music scene. After bonding over a mutual love of power electronics and noise-centric labels like Hospital Productions, Callow God, Ekhein, and others, the pair found themselves frustrated with the lack of options for putting out records and playing shows in their hometown, and decided to take matters into their own hands.

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