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A Guide to Scottish Melodic Pop on Bandcamp

Scottish PopFounded by maverick Alan Horne in his Glasgow, Scotland bedroom in 1979—the same year that Margaret Thatcher came to power as the Prime Minister of the U.K.—the arty and whimsical Postcard Records, became ground zero for a new type of melodic pop music.

“In 1980, when post punk seemed locked in a doom-laden death trip, everything about [Postcard Records band] Orange Juice felt different,” wrote Simon Reynolds in his book Rip It Up And Start Again. “They were literate, playful, ironic quirky.” Rejecting the machismo of rock and the austerity of post-punk, they created radiant subversive pop music that, along with labelmates Josef K and Aztec Camera, was christened by Postcard as, “The Sound of Young Scotland.”

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