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How Isolation Fueled Angel Deradoorian’s Meditative New Record

Angel Deradoorian

Photo by Camilo Fuentealba.

Just as Angel Deradoorian was preparing to release her debut solo LP—2015’s The Expanding Flower Planet—she retreated to Big Sur, California to start thinking about her next record. The New York-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist had finished Flower Planet a year earlier, but it took some time to secure a label to give it a proper release. By the time she inked a deal with Anticon, Deradoorian had already begun looking for new sounds and entertaining new philosophies for her follow-up. Eternal Recurrence is a sharp detour from Flower Planet’s warped, psychedelic pop, trading bouncy drums for droning synths, hauntingly introspective vocals, and lyrics that wrestle with love, pain, isolation, and wonder.

It’s also rooted in deep loneliness. “Being that alone, I was starting to lose an association with my body, where I felt like there was nothing really around me,” Deradoorian explains over drinks at The Lot Radio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. “I wasn’t really touching other people, interacting with other people, so I was very much in my mind. In that sense, it took me out of my physical reality.”

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Sacred Bones Turns Ten


Sacred bones founder Caleb Braaten, photo by Christian Count.

When Brooklyn-based Caleb Braaten started Sacred Bones in 2007, he did it with modest goals and few expectations. But in the back of his mind, he dreamt of one day working with an artist he had long admired: filmmaker and composer David Lynch. Although initially just an idle daydream, Braaten nevertheless started planning for the possibility.

“I had this idea that I was going to approach him to do something together,” he says. “I set aside a copy of every record that we had put out, every version of every record. I started amassing this box that was in the basement of Academy [Records] that said ‘David Lynch’ on it. And then maybe four years into it, the box was big enough. I was like, ‘All right, I think it’s time.'”

Braaten got as far as tracking down an address—”I was going to write a letter and basically tell him that I’m a fan, and I would like to work together someday,” he says—but happened to mention his scheme to a Los Angeles friend, who had a music attorney acquaintance he thought might be a better route.

That connection turned out to be the right one: Lynch received the box of records, thought it was “interesting,” and the lines of communication were open for Braaten to propose a reissue of the soundtrack to 1977’s Eraserhead. Lynch was on board, and a reissue surfaced in 2012. In subsequent years, Sacred Bones reissued two more experimental Lynch efforts, The Air is On Fire and Polish Night Music.

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