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Teen Daze Wants To Save The World Through Music


The title Themes for Dying Earth doesn’t exactly radiate sunshine, but for Vancouver electronic producer Jamison, who records as Teen Daze, it represents a new beginning for both himself and his music. The composer arrived in the rose-colored world of 2010s synth-pop, but after suffering a mental collapse while touring to support Morning World, he decided to abandon the more utopian aspects of his early music for something a bit heavier.

In fact, when Teen Daze revisited a song he wrote in 2009, he was struck by how removed from it he felt. “I’ve made my share of summery pop music,” the producer tells us. “When I think about it now, I hear a privilege. What a crazy time we were living in, that you could make a record like that and it would be totally accepted?”

These days, Teen Daze is tuned into the environment, and dedicated to preserving it for future generations. Despite the doom it implies, Themes for Dying Earth is a mostly positive collection of ambient pop. We talked with him about preservation, terraforming planets, and the blending of the natural world into electronic music.

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