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Kedr Livanskiy’s Raucous Electronic Music Reflects Her Home City of Moscow

Kedr Livaniskiy

Photos by Masha Demianova

“My city is an endless source of inspiration for me,” says Moscow-based electronic artist Kedr Livanskiy, born Yana Kedrina. Her discography backs up her claim: 2017’s breakout album, Ariadna, was an homage to Russia’s Izhevsk electronic scene of the ‘80s, and its drifting, peaky techno-pop seemed to reflect the sprawling topography of the world’s largest country.

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Jayda G Celebrates the Classic Sound of Chicago House & Detroit Techno


“The whole thing with club music—and specifically house music—is basically to have a room full of people where you can be free to be yourself, to let loose to really enjoy the music,” says DJ and producer Jayda G. “That’s what I hope I bring to music and that’s really what music is about—connecting people.”

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Hidden Gems: El Plvybxy, “Abya Yala”

HG-Abya Yala-1244

In our series Hidden Gems, writers share their favorite Bandcamp discoveries.

Like an EDM Janus, El Plvybxy’s Abya Yala EP faces forward and back, pairing post-club production with a pre-Columbian mindset. Released on Houston’s MAJIA label, it’s an intricate hybrid of techno, trance, and traditional South American rhythms. El Plvybxy—a founder of the visionary Buenos Aires netlabel/collective AGVA—drew on his Argentinian and Brazilian roots for these tracks, which the producer crafted amid his travels through both countries.

Field recordings—captured by El Plvybxy in the Regiao dos Lagos region of Brazil— feature heavy into the mix. On-site wind and water sounds are translated into melodic synth parts and combined with regional percussion patterns and fragments of human voice. These techniques ground the production in living history and physical terrain. The title itself references land; Abya Yala is the name used by the Guna people to refer to their region, both before European colonization, and today.

The album, however brief, abounds in sonic detail: the percussive lattice and mournful sliding techno driving “Febre,” the adrenalized ecosystem humming  with life on “Lazos,” the relentless static coursing through “Veneno.” Elsewhere, “Paraiso Entre Rocas,” a collaboration with the vocalist Morita Vargas, finds the producer deftly uncoiling tightly-wound synths as if on autopilot; naturally, the accompanying remix, from Lao, delivers a sprawling, trance-like listen, too.

The eye is drawn to the EP’s evocative cover image: sun, moon, owl, and planet, stylized in black and white. It’s a flag inspired by indigenous symbols, forming a perfect visual for the production’s sense of reverence and style.

-Mike Pursley

With The Buddy System Project, King Britt Finds Strength in Numbers


King Britt by Colin Kerrigan

In a now famous interview clip filmed in the summer of 1969, Doors frontman Jim Morrison talks with Rolling Stone writer Jerry Hopkins about the future of popular music. Morrison predicts that the future of music will be machine-driven, creating the space for individual composers to fully execute their vision alone. Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Nein Records’ Dark, Diverse Electronica Universe

Nein Records

To call Nein Records prolific would be a serious understatement. In 2018, its fifth anniversary year, the U.K.-based label released 48 singles, two full-length albums, and two compilations. As for everything Nein has put into the world since its inception, label head Neil Parnell, aka Tronik Youth, says he’ll be working on a full tally of that early in the new year. That’s in addition to rolling out their 2019 releases, which began on January 4 with Stockholm Syndrome’s new single, “Lies.” Parnell estimates that he has already planned for the first six months of the year.  Continue reading

Eight Artists Pushing the Ambient Edges of Techno

ambienttechno-1244There’s been a booming revival in ambient music these past few years. A broad church, its purveyors range from Huerco S. to Gaussian Curve; from echo-heavy, looped fragments to soft keys and metronomic percussion. Continue reading

25 Years In, Detroit Techno Pioneers Ectomorph Begin Anew On Debut LP


In 1994, Detroit techno became international business. Pioneers such as Derrick May, Carl Craig, and Kevin Saunderson had not only forged and matured a radical new sound on their own terms, but established credible crossover pop projects such as Inner City, racking up huge radio play and lucrative bookings at festivals and clubs. DBX, Drexciya, and Basic Channel continued to push the music in radical new directions, shifting impressive stacks of vinyl in the process. It seemed as if they had created the sort of industry the city desperately needed. The only problem was, the economics were happening everywhere else.

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As JK Flesh, Godflesh’s Justin Broadrick Finds Peace In Solitude and Techno

JK Flesh

With his pioneering industrial metal band Godflesh, Justin Broadrick writes songs built on concussive beats, apocalyptic riffs, and feral howls. It’s music made for an audience who, during live shows, reward the storm of sound with rapt attention. But when Broadrick performs in techno clubs as JK Flesh, he wears a hoodie that covers most of his face, and escapes into his own world while ravers on the dancefloor gyrate to the beat, paying little mind to the person creating it. And, to hear Broadrick talk, that’s just the way he likes it.  Continue reading