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Terminal Consumption: The Best Punk Albums of 2017


In this installment of Terminal Consumption, our monthly reviews column focused on the margins of punk and hardcore, Sam Lefebvre recaps year’s best releases.

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Terminal Consumption: The Best Punk on Bandcamp, March 2017

Terminal Consumption

In this installment of Terminal Consumption, our monthly column focused on the margins of punk and hardcore, Sam Lefebvre interviews Daniel Stewart (Total Control, UV Race) about the latest full-length by long-running Australian foursome Straightjacket Nation.

Straightjacket Nation, Straightjacket Nation LP [La Vida Es Un Mus/Cool Death]

Straightjacket Nation are bitterly critical of hardcore—especially what they consider the sedentary politics of the genre’s unthinking flock of fans. One of the band’s first songs, “Herdcore,” goes, “Unity/fuck unity.” Instead, they prize asceticism; early in their career, they rehearsed a 20-minute set for six hours at a time and, in interviews, half-jokingly styled the band as a fanatical, separatist cult.

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Five Flawless Punk Sets Live on the Radio

Punk Live Radio artwork

What is the best way to experience music: live or recorded? It’s an age-old question with a multitude of different defenses, explanations, and rationalizations. A live band is more visceral and immediate. A recording is exactly how an artist meant to represent their art. Live shows are spontaneous and unpredictable, a measure of an artist’s true skill. Records are made for the ages. Live shows have a communal nature. Recordings are often listened to in solitude. This question is especially relevant to DIY punk bands, known for their wild live energy and well-known lack of resources when it comes to recordings.

In-studio radio sets are a natural blend of the two experiences, through which listeners can experience both the live energy and immediacy of a band playing together and the controlled, dialed-in sound of recorded music. They capture the band at a specific moment, have the spontaneity of a live gig, and have a technical professional at the helm making sure it sounds good during the performance and for future listening. Many DJs, such as the legendary John Peel, have built their legacies around capturing sets that would often come to be considered essential parts of bands’ catalogs.

Bandcamp is packed with radio sets that have been recorded for both physical release and/or for plain posterity’s sake. Here are a few of the great punk and hardcore selections that are well worth investigation to get you started.

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