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A Brief Guide to Stereolab

Stereolab-1244Unpacking the complete history of Stereolab in detail would require a book—or several. The U.K. outfit, who released a near constant stream of music in the 1990s and 2000s, seemed more like a free-floating project than a group (or “groop,” as they often called themselves). Embracing retrofuturist aesthetics (both in album titles and artwork), hard-left viewpoints, and a general creative restlessness, Stereolab created a daunting back catalog that is as rewarding to listen to as it is challenging to navigate. The group’s initial core of English guitarist Tim Gane and French singer and multi-instrumentalist Laetitia Sadier, gradually expanded to include Australian-born, London-based vocalist/guitarist Mary Hansen, who harmonized with Sadier brilliantly, and Andy Ramsay, whose steady and skilled work on drums became a key hallmark of Stereolab both live and in the studio.

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