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The Best Beat Tapes on Bandcamp: August 2019


August’s Best Beat Tapes column features several tapes that reimagine attempted but not-always-successful genre pairings. There’s off-kilter hip-hop paired with chopped and warped R&B samples; a trip-hop record that pulls from breakbeat and too many genres to list; an unparalleled fusion of doom-filled rock and slow, sometimes muted beats that still crush; a tape that creates a sci-fi epic by fusing blues and hip-hop. As always, there’s also much more.

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The Best Beat Tapes on Bandcamp: February 2019

beattape_feb-1244Boom-bap. It’s an onomatopoeic descriptor so accurate that you can hear the thudding kicks and crisp snares in the syllables. When you read or hear the word, you might even imagine drums rattling apartment windows as they echo from Jeep stereos and back-breaking boomboxes. Below you’ll find work from disciples of Premier and Pete Rock, people for whom finding the right loop or break is tantamount to breathing. Some push beyond the work of predecessors, creating new permutations with only fragments of the foundation. Others have studied the sacred scroll (also read: the MPC manual) and crafted timeless canticles. All of them are undeniably awesome. Continue reading

The Best Beat Tapes on Bandcamp: July/August 2018

Beat Tapes

There was no July column. Hopefully you noticed. To correct this wrong, this month’s column features the best releases from July and August. The split isn’t quite 50/50, but rest assured, no excellent tapes were cut in the interest of meeting a quota. Below you’ll find low-end heavy productions from a beat scene stalwart, jazzy chillhop, dust-kissed loops culled from record stores in Japan, and much more.

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