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Big Ups: Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto Picks His Favorite Electronic Tracks on Bandcamp

Meat Beat Manifesto

Jack Dangers has been making music with Meat Beat Manifesto since the late ’80s; they’re gearing up to release their 11th studio album, Impossible Star, on January 19th. The album marks the group’s first in seven years—a hiatus the electronic artist deemed necessary. “Sometimes, taking a break is the best thing you can do, otherwise things become predictable,” he explains. “[Putting the album] out now will force MBM to do some live shows in 2018. The alternative would be to pull us out onto a stage by our neck tendons—not recommended.”

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The Best Electronic Albums of 2017


Dark times call for music that’s strange, wonderful, and yes, even dark, and we’ve certainly been getting plenty of that in 2017’s club sounds. Sometimes, that means adding urgency to escapist music, and that’s OK. But there’s also been a huge drive towards music that transmits powerful messages, or contributes strongly to real-world community building. Dance culture has, at its best, provided voices for the voiceless, spaces for expression, and a level playing field for people who wouldnt’t otherwise meet to connect. As we adapt to the radically networked world, electronic music is finding new ways of expressing those principles. Continue reading