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somesurprises Makes Dreamy Music Anchored Firmly in Reality

Some Surprises

The journey of somesurprises begins down the winding roads and rolling hills outside of Charlottesville, VA. Natasha El-Sergany was just out of law school when she began recording hundreds of wispy psychedelic soundbytes featuring lightly strummed guitar and her tempered, hushed vocals. El-Sergany’s quiet experiments led her to the Charlottesville scene, where she found a home of sorts.

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Hi Bias: Notable Cassette Releases on Bandcamp, March 2017


Welcome to Hi Bias, a monthly column highlighting recent cassette releases on Bandcamp, and exploring the ideas behind them with the artists who made them. Rather than making sweeping generalizations about the “cassette comeback,” we prefer here simply to cover releases that may escape others’ radar due to their limited, cassette-focused availability.

Lea Bertucci,  All That Is Solid Melts Into Air (NNA Tapes)

How does space shape and change sound? The question has fascinated Lea Bertucci since she was young. “Where I grew up in upstate New York, there are a number of defunct cement mines,” the sound artist and composer says. “I have very distinct memories of going into these caves and making sounds, with saxophone and other instruments, and just being astonished with the way the instruments were transformed through the acoustic space.”

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