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Soccer Mommy Banishes Her Insecurities by Writing Music

Soccer Mommy

Photo by Ebru Yildiz.

Sophie Allison, who performs under the name Soccer Mommy, is in the midst of finishing up her second year of college finals at New York University when we meet at a lower Manhattan coffee shop. “I miss driving all the time,” says Allison, who was a week out from returning back to her hometown of Nashville, “but whenever I’m home I miss taking the subway.”

The summer before her freshman year, Allison uploaded a collection of tracks called songs for the recently sad to Bandcamp. The self-recorded album focused on the little details of failed romance and the stress of grieving for lost love. She didn’t think people would discover the album, but they did, and last summer, she released a follow-up, for young hearts, on the cult label Orchid Tapes.

Now, she’s ready for time off from school to focus on music. “I’m interning as a manager for a local artist,” she jokes, imagining what she might tell the registrar when they ask what she’s up to. On the eve of her latest release, Collection, we talked with Allison about her songwriting process, growing up in Nashville, and what got her to Bandcamp.
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