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The Best Metal on Bandcamp: May 2018


New York death metal is represented in this month’s best metal on Bandcamp column by two bands who sit at its most extreme poles. Glens Falls legends Skinless return with a knuckle-dragging slab of brutal death metal, while newcomers Aeviterne filter NYDM through a post-hardcore sensibility on their debut release. New York doesn’t always get the genre-defining credit that other regional death metal scenes like Florida and Sweden get, but it’s always been a hotbed of creativity for the genre, and it remains one to this day.

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Album of the Day: Skinless, “Savagery”

Skinless aren’t exactly ones for hospitality. Less than 15 seconds into Savagery, the New York band’s seventh album and first effort in three years, vocalist Sherwood “Thunder Wheel” Webber IV pins us down by the throat as well as the eardrums, and issues growled death threats. “You have brought upon yourself our savagery!” he roars, his compatriots’ stabbing riffs creating a frenzied fugue. “Die! Die! DIE! DIEEEEEEE!” Make no mistake; this preemptive bludgeoning qualifies as a rude welcome—but for death metal acolytes, a slaying at the hands of these notorious death-dealers might as well be a big, fat bear hug.

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