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On “forevher,” Shura Keeps Love Center Stage


Photos by Hollie Fernando

The giddiness of new love is a common theme in pop music, but there are far fewer examples of the joy of queer love in the canon. The few out queer pop stars have mostly trafficked in queer heartbreak—an area the England-born, now Brooklyn-based songwriter Shura is very familiar with. “Touch,” the slinky lead single from her debut album Nothing’s Real, details the pain from desiring an old flame; it aches with the impossibility of restoring that physical connection. On the shimmering disco-ish “the stage,” from her new album, forevher, she flips the script, replacing dread with about-to-boil impatience as she sings about a new love interest. This time, though, her feelings are reciprocated, and the joy of that reciprocity takes center stage on forevher

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