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Better Know a College Radio Station: Seton Hall’s WSOU


For many obsessive fans who grew up in the pre-Internet era, a passion for music was sparked in the dingy basements and dark booths of college radio stations. Despite sound boards that are decades out of date and rapidly-changing tastes, that tradition has endured. The best college stations remain dedicated to delivering music that falls outside the purview of Billboard-charting mainstream radio.

If anything, the shifting climate has caused student station managers and music directors to work harder at keeping their stations relevant. And with good reason: at the radio station, they found comrades with whom they could trade mixtapes and stay up late into the night raving about life-changing B-sides.

Bandcamp speaks from personal experience: even if our first shows were at 4am on Tuesday nights, they were the best two hours of our entire week. In this feature called Better Know a College Radio Station, we spotlight the programmers, music directors and general managers who make sure the “On-Air” light never burns out.

Last month, we chatted with Delphine Douglas, James Fast, and Ivy Green of Vassar’s WVKR 91.3 FM, and for the first 2017 installment of this column we chatted with Molly Meller, Station Manager, Mark Maben, General Manager, Grant Palluzi, Technical Operations Director, Jen Kajzer, Underwriting Sales and Marketing Manager, Mike Colantuoni, Music Director, and Holly Fitzpatrick, Program Director of Seton Hall’s 89.5 WSOU, “The Loudest Rock.”

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