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Sean Foran’s Latest Jazz Opus Began as a “Blind Date”

Sean Foran

“I needed to create a project that was different,” says Sean Foran. “Prior to this, my projects have always been very piano heavy. I wanted to step away from that to just be part of the band, and not be the guy out front all alone driving the melody.” He’s talking about two albums: his new solo release, Frame of Reference, and Known-Unknown, his 2017 release with Trichotomy. To achieve that goal, Foran had to travel—both geographically, to England, and then sonically, to the edges of jazz.

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Best of Bandcamp Jazz: September 2016

Best of Bandcamp Jazz - September - artwork

Nothing in this list is straight-ahead. Of the 18 recommended September releases, not one mirrors the classic jazz sound of the 1960s, but they are part of a lineage. The deep lines of blues and bop are noticeable in these works, their motions graceful and improvised. These records follow their own creative paths, holding true to the genre’s roots.

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