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Nine Metal Bands Leading the Blackened Thrash Attack



When Aura Noir released their debut album Black Thrash Attack in 1996, few saw it as a harbinger of things to come. Establishing a thread back to the wild side of early thrash metal—what would later be known as the “first wave” of black metal—Black Thrash Attack went so far as to directly quote riffs from foundational bands such as Venom, Sodom, and Brazil’s Sarcófago. This worship of the old gods was executed with a wicked grin, brazen to the point of mischief. Somehow, the album managed to sound undeniably fresh while paying homage to the past. With wildly creative riffs and a primitive production, Black Thrash Attack was all attitude, so ferocious and swaggering it was almost whimsical. It was a welcome breath of fresh air at a time when the Norwegian black metal scene was in serious danger of drowning in its own bloody gravitas.

Black Thrash Attack was a strong statement coming from three of the scene’s most creative key players: Aggressor (aka Carl-Michael Eide) of the groundbreaking Ved Buens Ende (and later, Virus), Apollyon of the equally adventurous Dødheimsgard, and Blasphemer (aka Rune Eriksen), the criminally-underrated guitarist of a newly revitalized Mayhem. What these luminaries created, intentionally or not, was a genre that came to be known as “blackened thrash.” They provided a spark that would go on to ignite an explosive breed of bands who are presently providing a raw and chaotic counterpart to the increasingly safe, processed sounds being offered by more mainstream metal.

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