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Premiere: Sat. Nite Duets’ Bruising “Air Guitar” is Punk Attitude Plus Pop Hooks

Sat. Nite DuetsOn their debut Air Guitar, Milwaukee group Sat. Nite Duets pull off the tricky combination of post-adolescent ennuui and agitated rock & roll, delivering sweaty, clawing songs that mirror the anxiety in the lyrics. There’s also a healthy dose of self-awareness: “We’ve got Bob in the band/ we’ve got Spooky and Dan/ and we’ve got ourselves a motherfuckin’ rock & roll band” goes “Attached to the Lamp,” which functions as a kind of declaration of purpose for the music that follows. There are traces of bands who came before them—the lazy groan of Dinosaur Jr., the bug-eyed panic of Titus Andronicus—but Sat. Nite Duets are wryer and drier than both, and Air Guitar is is the perfect opening volley. But don’t be fooled by the punchlines: beneath the winks and self-awareness lies some truly trenchant songwriting, full of lyrics that aren’t afraid to hold a deep dark truthful mirror up to the rock & roll lifestyle and boldly reflect it back in the face of the listener. In light of this, we asked the members of Sat. Nite Duets to share the inspiration behind a few of the albums’ songs.

Stream Sat. Nite Duets’ Air Guitar in Full:

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