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Seven World Wonders From Discrepant Records’ Global Experimental Universe


By Gonçalo Cardoso’s own admission, his label Discrepant’s output can often appear frantic—scattershot even. “Someone once described the label as like a crazy dog running in every direction,” Cardoso says excitedly over Skype. “I kind of see it that way, too.”

Since Discrepant’s 2011 inception, the label has released a slew of willfully strange but no less captivating records from artists around the globe. The synth and guitar experimentations of Beirut’s Charbel Haber rub shoulders with the haunted loops of Turkey’s Koray Kantarcioğlu. Syria’s Rizan Said, a trailblazing dabke musician, sits next to the washed-out beat collages of Istanbul-based El Mahdy Jr. Mastering duties are handled primarily by Rashad Becker at Berlin’s Dubplates & Mastering studio, who preserves the individual grit and rawness of each recording. Despite such sonic differences, it’s possible to trace a line—even if it zig-zags and doubles back on itself—throughout Discrepant’s nearly 10-year history.  Continue reading

The Eclectic and Colorful World of Colombian Electronic Music

Columbian Electronica

Illustration by Annu Kilpeläinen

“You have all these cultures mixing in Colombia; I feel like I’m always going to find some fusion, or someone putting things together in a way that has never been heard before,” says Mathias Lederer, co-founder of the Colombian electronic-focused label Galletas Calientes (which translates to “Hot Cookies”). Lederer is from France, and started his label in 2004 with Federico Trujillo, aka roots reggae junglist Krak in Dub, so they could release their own music. Following a trip to Colombia in 2007, he fell in love with the music there; he moved to the country full-time shortly thereafter, and began releasing albums from local acts.

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