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Resistenzia: A Voice from the Cuban Metal Underground


Given the recently-broken cultural isolation of the long-standing American embargo of Cuba, coming across a band like Resistenzia from outside the country might feel like a pleasant shock—but the band has been going for a solid decade. In 2012, they recorded Guerra Avisada (War Warned), and have subsequently released a single, “Quisiera.” They’re currently demoing tracks for their second album (including a Pantera cover), but finding a studio—never mind the money to use it—remains a challenge.

Their sound is a forceful blend of hardcore and thrash, with occasional atmospheric keyboards; if Resistenzia were from an American city, it would be easy to imagine them on the Victory roster. Though the lineup has fluctuated over the years, particularly when it comes to drummers and keyboardists, vocalist Amaury Trimiño, rhythm guitarist Lianna Teruel, and bassist Delvis Díaz have been constant presences. They regularly play shows around the island, and even host their own annual festival called Festival de la Resistenzia, a day-long affair with support from local musicians, and they hope to celebrate their 10th anniversary this year with a larger tour around the country.

Díaz answered questions by email, in Spanish. His original answers, and our translations, are below.

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