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How Funk Artist Prophet Went From Cult Status to Comeback Kid


Photos by Michael Spears

Prophet is the very definition of a cult artist. In 1984, the multi-instrumentalist self-released 1,000 copies of an album called Right On Time, which failed to garner any industry traction at the time, but gradually became a prime score for record collectors.

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A Jazz Album Written By Prince’s Father Finally Sees the Light of Day

John L Nelson

A couple of years ago, the musician and record producer Sharon Nelson—who is also Prince’s half-sister, and the daughter of jazz pianist and composer John L. Nelson—was cleaning out her Manhattan apartment when she uncovered a blast from her past.

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As Starchild & The New Romantic, Bryndon Cook Creates Bright Pop and 1980s Funk


Photo by Olivia Locher

It’s tempting to describe Bryndon Cook by his affiliations. Over the past few years, he’s loaned his fluid guitar work to synth-pop acts like Kindness and Chairlift. He’s worked closely with Dev Hynes (who records under the name Blood Orange), and last year, they started recording together under the name VeilHymn. Cook also joined Solange’s tour in 2012—first as a guitarist and backup singer and, most recently, as bandleader. But Cook is an exceptionally talented artist in his own right, one whose vision of the world is part soul-churning blues and part airbrushed technicolor pop.

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Jon Bap’s New Album is a Frenetic Mix of Funk, R&B, Trap, and Jazz

Jon Bap

Photos by Reed J Kenny.

On his new album, Yesterday’s Homily, the Texas-based producer and musician Jon Bap takes a whirlwind tour of funk, new jack swing, trap, and jazz, without ever dawdling too long on any one of them.

Bap grew up singing in church and playing the drums before he eventually graduated to building his own beats at home, learning piano and guitar as a way to flesh out his productions. That fondness for weighty, intricate instrumentation is fully apparent on Yesterday’s Homily, a swift and jarring left turn from the folk and rock that turned up on his debut EP Let it Happen. The transition isn’t a total surprise: 2016’s What Now? hinted at the abstractness Bap fully explores on Homily; “Gotta Be Your Love” boasted off-kilter drum tempos and the interlude “Flow” had all the looseness of a jam session. As Bap points out, What Now? was kind of a test run for Homily’s full-on experimentation.

“I was already trying the stuff I’m doing now before I made Let It Happen,” Bap says. “But with that album, I was frustrated by trying to make the craziest songs ever. So I took an easy route that felt good just to have fun. Straightforward songs brought me most of my fan base, and people think I started there and grew into something else. But I’ve always been one to experiment.”

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