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Eight Bands Leading the Crossover Thrash Revival

Crossover Trash

As a genre, thrash metal has always been elastic. Given the style’s global reach, with its formative period seeing bands in California’s Bay Area, New York City, Germany, and Brazil—to name only a few—all pushing the style forward, there was never a single correct way to thrash. All that parallel thinking meant every scene was offering something distinct, and it’s why every band left behind a different thread for the next generation to follow, enabling them to spin off their own distinct takes on the genre, too. Continue reading

The All-Metal Merch Table: May 2017


Illustration by Paul Grelet

Every month, The Merch Table brings you the best and most bonkers merchandise you can find on Bandcamp. We commend bands and labels that get a little creative and think outside the tote bag. Whether it’s a fashion accessory, a piece of art, or something entirely unique, The Merch Table showcases inventive, original—and, occasionally, downright strange—stuff that you might want to get your hands on. But, sorry: the ukulele is sold out.

You can’t spell merch table without m-e-t-a-l, and we thought it was high time to dedicate an entire month of merch findings to the genre. Gothic fonts, images of death, destruction, and gore, and monochromatic color schemes are just a few of the elements that make up the very distinct metal aesthetic. And hey, it’s even made it to the mainstream thanks to the talents of Mark Riddick. Here are the darkest merch items on Bandcamp.

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