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Eight Bands Leading the Crossover Thrash Revival

Crossover Trash

As a genre, thrash metal has always been elastic. Given the style’s global reach, with its formative period seeing bands in California’s Bay Area, New York City, Germany, and Brazil—to name only a few—all pushing the style forward, there was never a single correct way to thrash. All that parallel thinking meant every scene was offering something distinct, and it’s why every band left behind a different thread for the next generation to follow, enabling them to spin off their own distinct takes on the genre, too. Continue reading

20 Years of Southern Lord’s Dark and Heavy Art

Southern Lord

“At the time, we were partying quite a bit and we just ripped off the logo from Southern Comfort,” says Greg Anderson when recalling the early days of his label, which has since become the undisputed home of boundary-pushing heaviness. “The ‘lord” thing was a tip of the hat to Satan—the lord of the south.” So with a boozy, devilish identity in check, Southern Lord began issuing music in 1998…by groups who had already called it a day. Continue reading

The Best Metal Albums of 2017


This year was a waking nightmare, for reasons too numerous and too upsetting to mention here. Not coincidentally, metal sounded really good this year. Metal has always been a genre for a world gone mad, even when its practitioners don’t deliberately address the social issues of the day. The best metal albums of this year certainly weren’t written with our current political hellscape in mind, but they’ve nonetheless been necessary when the world has become overwhelming. The list below contains pure escapism, righteous anger, violent fantasies, utter despair, cautious hope. These albums served as the perfect soundtrack for a year of unhinged chaos—and, sometimes, they even managed to make us feel a little bit better.

[This list is ranked, counting down from #10 – #1 —ed.]

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Big Ups: Power Trip Pick Their Favorite Bands on Bandcamp


Power Trip by Renate Winter

Perhaps the most chaotic, deranged, fear-for-your-damn-life concert I attended in 2016 was a Power Trip show. Maybe it was frontman Riley Gale’s tortured screams, Chris Ulsh’s hyper-speed drumming, or the band’s dueling guitars and their doomsday-siren squeals, but the Texas thrashers transformed an audience of otherwise well-adjusted punks and metalheads into a force of nature, hell-bent on a destructive path that would make a Florida hurricane seem like a spring breeze. To put things more succinctly: people lose their fucking shit at Power Trip shows.

Despite this, it’s important to Ulsh that Power Trip performances remain welcoming to everybody. “I think you can still dance and mosh and be respectful of the people around you,” he says. “It’s just a matter of audience members realizing the space they take up. I find some people like being ignorant for the sake of being ignorant at shows and I think that’s the stupidest fucking thing.” Just as impressive as Power Trip’s vicious live show is their ability to capture this energy in the studio, as evidenced by Nightmare Logic, their second LP on Southern Lord Records.

When you tour as relentlessly as Power Trip, discovering new bands on the road is inevitable. Ulsh, who also shreds his guitar and throat in the excellent Mammoth Grinder, employs several other methods to finf new music. “There are certain record labels that I follow,” he explains. “Especially for metal stuff. I’ll subscribe to newsletters and stuff like that. I just think that that’s the easiest way for me.” Ulsh kept it fresh when tasked with picking his favorite Bandcamp artists, choosing acts he had recently listened to or saw live.

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