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The Places That Inspired Planes Mistaken For Stars’ First Album in a Decade

Planes Mistaken for Stars

Listening to their early material, it’s easy to see why Planes Mistaken for Stars were often lumped in with post-hardcore revival bands like The Used and Thrice. Like those bands, their songs were unhinged and propulsive, powered by jagged mathematics and ragged-throated vocals. But the Colorado-via-Illinois band seemed to distance themselves from their peers with every release. Their 2004 LP, Up in Them Guts, incorporated sludge-metal grit and classic-rock muscle, elements they explored even further on 2006’s Mercy, a swansong of sorts that ended the band’s first chapter. And while their contemporaries favored vocalists who attacked each song with a thin screech, frontman Gared O’Donnell sang in a gruff howl that wavered and warbled above the surrounding noise.

The group’s latest album Prey, is their first album since their 2010 reunion, and it showcases the group at their most diverse. Its songs range from the fist-slamming noise-rock of opener “Dementia Americana” to the twisted acoustic balladry of “Black Rabbit.” We spoke with O’Donnell from his home in Peoria, Illinois about the birthplace of the band, their move to Denver, and the other locations that have proven important to the band’s ongoing evolution.

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