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Big Ups: Gatecreeper’s Chase Mason Shares His Bandcamp Favorites

Deserted, the new album from Arizona death metal quintet Gatecreeper, is a bigger, gutsier record than its predecessor, 2016’s Sonoran Depravation, and no track illustrates that better than “From the Ashes.” There are fist-pumping choruses, barreling riffs, and chest-puffing swells that get bolder the longer the song goes on. It’s a geyser, exploding with fury from the cracked depths below.

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The Best Metal on Bandcamp: April 2017


This month’s roundup of the best metal on Bandcamp includes an essential remaster of an underground classic, the triumphant return of unsung New Jersey thrash OGs, and an abundance of new death metal that ranges from genre-bending sci-fi futurism to an album so orthodox it’s literally called Extremely Fucking Dead.

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