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PC Worship’s “Buried Wish” Rises From a Watery Grave


PC Worship by Wolfgang Daniel

Buried Wish, the latest album from New York City avant-rock outfit PC Worship, owes its existence to the usual musical labor, but with an aqueous twist—in a sense, the album is the product of “flood, sweat and tears.” Justin Frye, the group’s leader and creative nexus, recorded the follow-up to 2015’s Basement Hysteria LP last year beneath a decaying multi-use space in Bushwick, Brooklyn, in its windowless basement. A pipe burst halfway through the recording process, forcing him to take the album’s construction elsewhere.

Fortunately, the Buried Wish sessions remained intact. Along with PC Worship’s core roster (guitarist Michael Etten, drummer Shannon Sigley, bassist Jordan Bernstein) and usual heap of multi-instrumentalists and glitch slingers, on Wish Frye is joined by Liturgy drummer Greg Fox, harpist Marilu Donovan, and Guerilla Toss vocalist Kassie Carlson, and several other players.

We caught up with Frye over the phone to discuss the album’s waterlogged path to completion, its amorphous sonic and aesthetic cornerstones, and its mind-boggling cover art (which he designed).

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