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Album of the Day: Paul White, “Rejuvenate”

Paul White has always thrown things against the wall to see what sticks. As a beatmaker for rappers Open Mike Eagle, Homeboy Sandman, and Danny Brown, White creates vast kaleidoscopic melodies that sample everything from African disco and psych-rock, to grainy folk and old soul. His music embodies the persona of its lead MC, and in the case of Brown (on his critically acclaimed 2016 album Atrocity Exhibition), White’s score felt dark and cavernous, clattering beneath the rapper’s distinctive squeal.

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The Best New Hip-Hop on Bandcamp: July 2017

Best Hip Hop

This month’s selection of vital hip-hop projects covers albums inspired by the socially-conscious poetics of Gil Scott-Heron, plus beat tapes homaging the production genius of Prince Paul, and a regional showcase themed around the Street Fighter II video game. Elsewhere, you’ll be pleased to hear that the age-old battle cry against the high-end corporate machinations of the hip-hop industry is still booming through loud and clear.

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The Best New Hip-Hop on Bandcamp


This month’s crucial hip-hop picks include indie rap veterans who are embracing their years in the game, video game fiends paying tribute to the late, great Frank White, and a rapper who at one time had the whole Internet convinced he was actually an alias of Nas. In a break from the normal U.S.-based selection, we also take a detour to Auckland, New Zealand where a whole bunch of rap cats are mustering up their own brand of creative hip-hop.
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Get to Know Paul White, Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Producer

Paul White. Photo by Owen Richards.

Paul White. Photo by Owen Richards.

If you’ve been following rap from 2011 to now, chances are very likely you’ve heard the work of Paul White. The London producer’s name has been attached to several critically acclaimed projects in 2016 alone. This year, he released a collaborative album with Chicago art-rap aficionado Open Mike Eagle, and produced the majority of Danny Brown’s brilliantly bizarre new record, Atrocity Exhibition.

Those releases, and much of the rest of his current discography, may be rooted in rap music, but don’t pigeonhole Paul White as a producer limited to a single genre. “I love putting all sorts of different genres together [to] prove genres don’t really exist,” he says. “People think it’s one genre and they assume they don’t like it—I’m really against that.”

White’s mission is tied to his self-described hippie lifestyle in which “everything’s related, everything’s the same.” For him, that thinking goes deeper than music, but the medium just happens to be his philosophical outlet. “One thing I’ve always tried to be is really diverse and try as many different things as possible,” White explains. “It’s great to have all these different projects out there now with different sounds attached.”

He’s constructed an impressive library of releases over the years, which for some, could prove overwhelming at first. We caught up with White, who walked us through his essential jams.

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