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A Moment of Clarity: The Ambient Black Metal Label With an Environmental Consciousness

a moment of clarity

Durango, Colorado—a college town with fewer than 20,000 year-long residents—is hardly the place that Dylan Rupe or Cooper Stapleton expected to meet a kindred spirit with a shared interest in music, aesthetics, philosophy, and ethics. But that’s exactly what happened in 2014, when Rupe and Stapleton, at the time both students at Fort Lewis College, met via the school’s radio station KDUR. Stapleton hosted a KDUR radio show named The Heaviest Matter in the Universe, while Rupe’s show was titled For Wilderness. The names of both programs hint at the future direction the pair would take with their two-person operation, A Moment Of Clarity Recordings. “In Durango, there are about 10 people at any given time who like metal,” Rupe chuckles, “so you have an immediate rapport with anybody else who does.” Continue reading