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OGRE & Dallas Campbell Discuss Their New Score for “Night of the Living Dead”

Artwork for Night of the Living Dead
Artwork for ‘Night of the Living Dead’.

Even before they set out to create a new score for one of the most revered horror films of all time, Robin Ogden (who records as OGRE) and Dallas Campbell were already facing daunting hurdles. For one, Odgen lives in the southwest of England, and Campbell lives in West Virginia, meaning there are nearly 4,000 miles between them. And the music they make is highly collaborative, which means they’re dependent on Facebook Chat and Dropbox to get things done. Add to that the fact that they’re working from a strict source text, with specific musical cues, and it’s a wonder they didn’t abandon the project before they ever got started.

Not only did they complete it, but the duo’s re-score to Night of the Living Dead perfectly captures the film’s threatening mood while still working as a chillingly effective stand-alone album. We talked with the duo about how they created the score, and the synths they used in the process.

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