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A New Era of Saharan Avant-Garde: The Music of Hama


Photos by Christopher Kirkley

Compared to the superconnected, breakneck internet and file sharing technology of the western world, Niger remains a predominantly mobile-first nation. With a vast majority of its citizens living without electricity, scarcity of infrastructure has made access to mobile phones far easier than personal computers with high-speed internet. Used to support the farming, medicine, and news industries, the all-purpose media devices have also led to a specialized form of music discovery. Continue reading

Album of the Day: Les Filles de Illighadad, “Eghass Malan”

In the tiny Nigerien scrubland village of Illighadad, a woman named Fatou Seidi Ghali snuck away with her brother’s guitar, taught herself how to play and, in the process fused male and female Tuareg musical customs into a hypnotizing blend of driving rhythms, dreamy guitar, and enchanting polyphonic vocals sung in the Tuareg language.

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