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Portland Popstar Natasha Kmeto is Tough to Put in a Box

Natasha Kmeto.

“I’m kind of a tough artist to put in a box,” Natasha Kmeto admits on a spotty cell phone call from Los Angeles, where she’s just arrived on tour. “And right now, I feel like I’m in a rebuilding phase.” Five years ago, when she began playing live shows, Kmeto was an fledgling experimental electronic music producer who liked to sing. Somewhere along the line—between finding a label home with Dropping Gems, touring with TV on the Radio, and scoring a minor club hit with her 2015 single, “I Thought You Had A Boyfriend”—she became a powerful pop-star-in-waiting whose live shows are inspiring and often goosebump-inducing. This transformation occurred in the unlikely city of Portland, Oregon—the land of beards and squealing feedback—and with Kmeto writing earnest songs from her perspective as a queer woman. Kmeto’s new 7-inch single, “Pour Down,” is the epic result of all these factors on a collision course: a minimal and powerful piece of ear candy that can be taken as an inclusive party jam or an elaborate revenge fantasy. For Kmeto, speaking just a few days after election day, it has recently taken on a new meaning. “Now I hear it as this anthem of empowerment,” she says. “It has helped me a lot, just singing it during this past week.”

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