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Scene Report: Electronic Music at Beat Hotel


HAAi by Alec Donnell Luna

This past March the Fellah Hotel—a palm-lined, pool-dotted, argan-scented resort complex—was the site of a delirious musical experiment. Sub-Saharan folk met art pop; Ethiopian jazz collided with vintage hip-hop; minimal techno was augmented with choral arrangements. The inaugural Beat Hotel festival, held just outside Marrakech, Morocco, showcased electronic and globally-oriented music from artists who were primarily based in Europe and North Africa. 

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December’s Seven Essential Releases: Post-Punk, Arabic Funk, and More

7 essential

Seven Essential releases is our weekly roundup of the best music on Bandcamp. Like a lot of other people, we spent most of December rounding up the Best Albums of 2017, which meant some great releases didn’t get the attention they deserved. In this post, we look back at seven crucial releases that came out last month.

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Album of the Day: Nabihah Iqbal, “Weighing of the Heart”

Last year, the British Asian musician Nabihah Iqbal experienced a minor ripple of internet attention with the glitchy slang single “hashtag IRL,” which she released under the name Throwing Shade. The song was built for the times: tiny LED-blip synths, a steady, handclap rhythm, and Iqbal’s disembodied voice stuttering out robotic web-speak like, “hashtag OMG,” “LOL,” and “follow me.” It was a clever, slow-burn synth song, but it also felt a little bit cloying—another producer slowly testing the waters of the burgeoning lo-fi house scene.

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