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Acid Test: Experimental Electronics, Musique Concrète, Warped Funk, & More

Acid-test-jan-1244.jpgIn addition to riotous rock, joyous jazz, and hard-hitting hip-hop, Bandcamp is also home to music that stretches the limits of psychedelia, noise, ambient, and nascent genres like vaporwave. Each month, Miles Bowe digs deep through the site’s obscure corners, to bring the most strange, brilliant, and sometimes emotionally powerful releases back up to the surface. This is Acid Test.

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Doom Trip Records: Curating the Eclectic Underground One Tape at a Time

doom trip

“I love the fact that you could literally chuck a cassette tape against the wall and it would play fine afterwards,” says Zac Emerson of Doom Trip Records. “People have often joked that after the nuclear fallout the only thing that’s going to remain, in terms of music formats, is cassette tapes. That’s a beautiful thing.” Continue reading

The Short and Artful Life of Phinery Tapes

phinery tapes

Although Phinery Tapes ceased operations in January 2018 with ju ca’s debut, Overture, they released over 100 tapes and records in four short years, and brought to the experimental music scene a unique visual style and clear sonic vision. Some batches of tapes have the unfiltered freedom of mood boards, others capture the exhilaration that accompanies a live performance of a challenging work. Some seem to consist of pure, unadulterated “found” sounds from alien locations, without any evidence of human interference. Phinery releases seem perennially poised on the brink of structural collapse, communicating fragmented memories and musical ruins. Some releases consist of sonic collages—the noise of crowds, fields, children playing, as well as strange, isolated places like fields and factories, and the close-mic’d spaces in between walls and pipes. Taken together, they present impressions of human life existing within a digital framework. Continue reading

This Week’s Essential Releases: Dark Pop, Folk, Epic Pop, and More

7 essential

Welcome to Seven Essential Releases, our weekly roundup of the best music on Bandcamp. Each week, we’ll recommend six new albums, plus pick an older LP from the stacks that you may have missed.

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Biggest Ups: Over 40 Artists Share Their Favorite Albums of 2017


Bandcamp artists pick their favorite albums of the year.

One of the features on Bandcamp Daily that generates the greatest amount of enthusiasm is Big Ups. The concept is simple: we ask artists who used Bandcamp to recommend their favorite Bandcamp discoveries. So, in honor of our Best of 2017 coverage, we decided to take Big Ups and super-size it. Here, more than 40 artists to tell us their favorite albums of the year.

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