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How Mariusz Lewandowski’s Epic, Emotive Paintings Made Him Metal’s Most In-Demand Artist

Mariusz Lewandowski

“Capturing emotions in a painting is similar to showing depth and light. If it is not there, if it is missing, the art is simply flat and it does not look good,” explains Mariusz Lewandowski, a Polish painter whose artwork, by the venerable Encyclopaedia Metallum’s count, has emblazoned the covers of 10 metal albums since 2017. Emotion is as integral to his work as his depictions of skulls, scythes, and other standard metal imagery—if not more so. 

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Album of the Day: Mizmor, “Cairn”

Mizmor’s latest full-length, Cairn, is an exercise in extremes. The penultimate song, “Cairn to Suicide,” begins as an extreme metal workout, with double-bass drums and throat-rending shrieks. At the halfway mark, the music comes to a halt; waves of feedback and light industrial touches give way to the 12-minute endurance test’s mellower second half, finishing with a delicate acoustic passage. Take that “endurance test” descriptor to heart: With three of its four songs hitting the 10-minute mark, Cairn’s prolonged anguish defies casual listening. 

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