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Mint Green On the Internet, Inclusive College Spaces & Paramore

Mint Green

The best band names act as a reflection of the member’s personalities. It’s also a collective message, giving clues as to what genres and themes they operate in. It’s no new thing: goth and metal acts opt for dark imagery, bands with top 40 aspirations throw in a number or two (Maroon 5, Twenty One Pilots, Blink-182). Indie pop-punk artists are drawn to simple nouns and phrases; there’s something to be said about the delicate simplicity of a name like Turnover. Indie band Mint Green also adheres to that structure, but with sweet, surprising function—the color is soft, muted and inviting. Googling the quartet without adding “music,” “band,” or their hometown, “Boston,” will draw thousands upon thousands of wedding inspiration websites and Pinterest pages full of the friendly pastel shade. In that respect, it feels hilariously true to the band: They’re fans of social media platforms (You can find them on most of the popular platforms, including a YouTube page they regularly update with studio vlogs) and they appreciate the silliness of it all. “Everyone knows my favorite color is green. I was teased in school and called ‘Mother Nature’ because I only wore this green sweater,” frontwoman Ronnica divulges. “I love it.”

But still, a band name is just a moniker. To get to the heart of a new act, you’ll have to listen to them. Starting just a few months ago, Mint Green spent the summer hitting the road in their native Massachusetts before sitting down to record a dynamic debut EP. We called the band—made up of  frontwoman Ronnica, lead guitarist Frank Price, drummer Daniel Huang and bassist Brandon Geeslin—to learn all about them, Reddit, diversity and their unique sound, one that exists in the gray space between the harmonic immediacy of straightforward punk-pop and the matured sentimentality of modern day indie-leaning emo.

It’s pretty rare that a band wants to do an interview on a Friday night.

Ronnica: Music is life.

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