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Brandon Coleman’s Debut Album is a Bright Mix of L.A. Jazz, Funk, & Soul

Brandon Coleman

Keyboardist Brandon Coleman remembers the time he first met Quincy Jones. “You won’t be able to create a new piece of music,” he remembered the icon telling him. “His sentiment was that we took from the old and created our own new and that’s probably the only way you can do it.” While Coleman understood the essence of what Jones meant, he didn’t completely agree. “I thought it was bullshit, to tell you the truth,” Coleman says now. “I am no cook, and I don’t proclaim to be a good chef, but I can cook. I know that when combining certain ingredients, you can create something really special—and that’s jazz.”

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Album of the Day: Ryan Porter, “The Optimist”

Back in 2008, the names Ryan Porter and Kamasi Washington didn’t ring bells with the general public. They performed jazz when the genre wasn’t as popular, seven years before Kendrick Lamar’s avant-rap opus To Pimp A Butterfly helped make it trendy again. Two months after that album’s release, Washington—a Lamar collaborator—dropped his own ambitious project, a triple LP called The Epic, on which the saxophonist explored gospel, soul, and funk in a whopping 173 minutes. It was an immediate hit, and in the years since its release, Washington has become the world’s foremost purveyor of big band, spiritual jazz. Yet 10 years ago, he and Porter were simply trying to make it, and the music collected for Porter’s new album—The Optimist—represents that moment in time.

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